Academic Forum is run throughout the year. It’s a space for Academic Reps to meet one another, to bring up issues that are of concern to the students they represent, to share best practice, and to discuss the wider issues surrounding education in Cambridge. Half of the meeting is currently given over to issues the reps themselves want to raise and then the other half centres around a discussion on a particular topic, such as Study Skills or Libraries.  As Faculty Reps do not sit on SU Council, this is the primary contact they have with the Student Union and the forum is encouraged to write policy for Council to be proposed by the School Reps who do sit on Council.


College Forum is run throughout the year, hosted by a different college each time. It's a space for JCR and MCR Presidents and Vice-Presidents/External Officers to come together to discuss issues that are of concern to the students of their colleges, share examples of best practice, and to discuss wider issues in the collegiate university.



  • Organised and scheduled with needs of both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in mind

  • Possibility for Undergraduate and Postgraduate specific forums